Starting May 7, 2019 Tuesday

May 7 Brahms Trio



Birthdays, Mothers and the Music of Brahms features the gorgeous musical Trio op. 40 of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). This piece features an unusual instrumentation performed by Joanna Grace (horn), Vivian Kukiel (violin) and Chris Au (piano). Written in 1865, in memory of Brahms’ own mother who had passed that year, the performance brings together a celebration of…

Birthdays: Johannes Brahms and Joanna Grace on May 7

Mothers: Brahms’ own Mother, upcoming Mother’s Day and Mothers everywhere!

& the Music of Brahms along with historical commentary of how Richmond Hill was a large manufacturer of roses at the time this piece was written, and giving roses to Mothers on Mother’s Day is a tradition.

Tuesday, MAY 7 at 7:30 pm, Richmond Hill United Church, 10201 Yonge Street For tickets, please click the green button on this page (parking available on Church Street and in public lots 1/2 block south (accessible by Church Street and the Green P lot at RHCPA) *this event includes a reception and birthday celebration*

To attend on Saturday, May 4 at 2 pm instead, please click here:

Birthdays, Mothers and the Music of Brahms is presented by Joanna Grace with a Cultural Grant from the Town of Richmond Hill.



1) How can I reserve some seats? Seats are available online for $20. Once purchased, bring your printed ticket with you to the concert and choose your seats once you arrive . Additionally, tickets at the door can be purchased for $25 cash only. (Exact amount is appreciated.)

2) Are these locations fully accessible? Yes, both locations are wheelchair accessible.

3) Will I get to meet the musicians? Yes, at every concert Joanna Grace coordinates, there is a Question and Answer period to bridge the gap between the audience and performers. The May 7 concert (only) has a reception afterwards for more mingling with the musicians and other attendees in the community.

4) How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Email Joanna Grace or Call 647-701-8421, preferably at least one day before the concert you wish to attend. For last-minute questions, please come to the concert at least 20 minutes before start time to ask your questions of a helpful volunteer on location. Thank you!


Please join us for May 7 Brahms Trio!


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