Sound Healing Energy

Sound Healing Energy assists individuals and groups to restore their natural ability to heal with sound. Sound Healing Energy integrates physical and emotional health through the power of energetic sound vibrations. Sessions and workshops facilitate participants’ experiences to relieve stress, gain insight and release attachments that are the basis for physical and emotional discomfort. Individual sessions are offered in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Sound Healing Energy also travels, upon request.



Joanna's Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions does Sound Healing Energy address?

Sound Healing Energy sessions address the root cause or primary issue that is affecting your overall health and wellbeing. If you are experiencing stress, physical discomfort, confusion about life situations, PTSD, anxiety, depression or chronic pain (that has an emotional component) you can benefit from Sound Healing Energy sessions.

What can I do to make the session most effective?

Your willingness to experience sound and your motivation to seek relief are the best things you can contribute to making the session most effective.

Do I have to talk about my current concerns?

No, though it is helpful for you to state why you are seeking a Sound Healing Energy experience and what you would like to receive from the session. You can choose to go into more depth by explaining your personal situation or you may prefer to allow the energy to be replenished without a lot of words exchanged.

Are there negative side effects that could make me feel worse?

The only unpleasant side effect that can result is when deep-rooted pain is identified to be released. You might experience a short-lived physical pain that is quickly released as the session progresses. At the end of the session, you will likely feel “lighter” and more “relaxed” as if a burden has been released. All sessions conclude with replenishing your energy with love and light.

How long do the benefits of the session last?

Sometimes one session is enough. Other times, additional sessions are needed to bring up and release deeper-rooted concerns and blockages that have been with you for a long time. The result of each session is to integrate the revealed information with your motivation to take action to maintain your own health and wellbeing.

What else do I need to know?

You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing as there are periods of time for sitting in a chair while receiving healing sounds. You will not be physically touched in the session however sounds will likely produce various sensations throughout your body.


I appreciate the open and welcoming space [Joanna] creates. Everyone has a voice if they choose to share. I feel free to express myself and be myself. So glad this exists, it’s nice to be part of a vibrant community and have so much fun! 🙂

Participant, The Connection Experience meetup

This was a great event; Joanna came up with a series of exercises through which I felt reconnected with an authentic state of being I had learned to repress! Thank you so much for the space and opportunity to play!

Laugh Out Loud workshop participant

Joanna created a very safe and supportive space for me to express my authentic self. And I took home many new ideas to ponder! Thank you

Workshop Participant

Yesterday, when I got up, I felt this energy I haven’t felt in a long time. As if some big block had been lifted. So thank you for the healing on Saturday. Yesterday, I had this drive to get things done- It felt like something wasn’t pulling me back, like I usually feel. There must be something to this sound healing!

Workshop Participant

I left the session feeling lighter, brighter, more relaxed, & more aware then when I walked in. Overall, it was a win for me. Glad I experienced it.


I have gone to Joanna with both a physical problem and with an issue. In both cases, Joanna was able to identify the root cause and heal it. It was amazing to watch her interact with spirit and access information, some of which surprised me, all of which rang true. I felt totally comfortable with, and confident in her process.


Definitely different. Joanna with her classical music background brings a fresh perspective to sound and the sense of hearing, with the exploration of range of sound and its components like tone, frequency and pitch.

Workshop Participant

I was very stressed after a long day at work and developed a pain in my throat. I thought that Sound Reiki would help relieve my stress but was skeptical that it would replace everyday medicine in curing my sore throat. In my session with Joanna I felt something shifting and the stress clearing as she did Sound Reiki. To my amazement the same thing happened with my throat. I couldn’t believe my sore throat was gone! I felt relaxed and it made me come back.


I had no idea how powerful and REAL sound healing could be. Amazing! Thank you!

Workshop Participant

Joanna created a safe space that allowed me to feel comfortable sharing and discussing lots of stuff that is normally held in- very much appreciated and enjoyed 🙂

Workshop Participant

I found the Sound Reiki was an uplifting experience and healing. Joanna’s voice was heavenly and angelic. I look forward to future treatments with Joanna.


I enjoyed the session, felt relieved and emotional. I also felt that this experience helped me cure and let go of things.


The workshop was informational, fun and I enjoyed the interaction with the group. At the end I felt good. Loved laughing-out-loud. LOL.

Workshop participant

When you laugh with someone, you feel like friends! I wish I had taken this [Laugh Out Loud] seminar years ago- it gave so much good information on how to approach life differently. Joanna is an amazing presenter!

Laugh Out Loud Workshop participant

I truly enjoyed the time we all spent this evening. The energy and vibrations in the room were quite amazing. Thank you.

Workshop participant

Joanna's Experience

Joanna Grace holds Masters certificates in Sound Reiki and Usui Reiki from the Sound Reiki Institute and a Sound Healers Association certificate for the Healing Sounds Intensive program with internationally renowned Sound Healer Jonathan Goldman. Joanna uses her voice with Sound Reiki toning, vocal toning and harmonics, tuning forks, crystal bowls and other instruments. In 2014, Joanna was a “therapist” at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre. The exhibit Sanatorium of Pedro Reyes provided therapist facilitated treatments blending art and psychology for gallery attendees.

In 2016 Joanna pioneered a new Sound Healing program for a long-term care home residents with Altzheimer’s and dementia. In 2018 Joanna was a featured presenter at the Living Well With Dementia conference hosted by Memory Lane Living, Inc. in Richmond Hill. Sound Healing Energy was recently included in Shadowpath Theatre’s FemmeOperative in Vaughan for participants to experience and create healing sounds to move energy throughout the body with energetic sound vibrations. Custom workshops include Sound Reiki Meditation and Energetic Balancing, Sound Circles, Creating Sounds for Relaxation and more!