Piano Lessons

5 Ways to Sound Like a Professional on the Piano

1) Check Posture – Are you too close? Are you too far back like you’re at a movie theatre?

Sitting upright allows you to lean in and use your body weight to make louder and quieter sounds.

2) Sound – Really listen to the sound quality. The way we play those tones will set us apart from someone who is just poking out the notes or if we want to sound like a professional at the piano.

Sound has a preparation, the play, and the follow-through.

3) Play pieces at your level – Why play other pieces before your dream piece? I want you to feel successful every the of the way. When we learn the patterns in easier pieces, we can then apply those to more difficult pieces.

4) Synchronize your hands – Piano playing requires two hands on the piano, often doing different things.

How can we break the piece down into achievable chunks so it’s not completely overwhelming. Practice hands alone before attempting hands together.

5) Don’t stop playing – Sometimes set the intention that you will just keep playing no matter what. Imagine if you were giving a speech or were announcing something on the radio and made a mistake.

Would you tell everyone you messed up and make a big deal about it? The rhythm, the way the music continues as we listen to it needs that steady beat, that continuity.

Once you stop that, everyone will notice. Even non-musicians can sense that. Give yourself times to “perform” and play through the whole piece without stopping no matter what? Try to achieve the perfectionism but allow yourself to not be derailed every time you played something wrong.

Give yourself the opportunity to stop and practice parts but also give yourself the real pleasure of starting at the beginning, stay focused and do the best you can to play through the piece without stopping. Let the music flow!

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