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Why Listening to Sad Music Can Help You Feel Better

When you’re feeling sad, you might be feeling hopeless and the weight of the world or the weight of the situation is unbearable. Likely, you’re probably not going to reveal yourself on social media and say “I am super sad.”

There’s a tendency to go inside where we symbolically curl up in a ball or hide ourselves or just want to sleep or want things to go away.

Why listening to sad music can actually help you feel better is that sad music will resonate with the sadness that you’re feeling.

It’s almost like the sad music is your friend, hearing you, resonating with you, commiserating with you, expressing what you may not be able to express to
the people in your life.

The sad music becomes your friend provides the opportunity for you to feel heard and understood in a way that you can then eventually get to the happy place.

Most of the time we can’t go from feeling sad, listening to happy music and suddenly feeling happy. It’s a process.

By listening to really, really sad music, we’re either going to hear that music as something totally ridiculous so we already start to feel better. Or that sad music is going to reach us where we’re at, help us feel heard and understood to process the emotions we’re having so then we realize eventually we need some transitional music or a transitional experience to get us to the feeling of being happy or feeling better.

The next time you’re feeling sad, don’t try to stuff it down. Find a quiet place or find a safe place to be alone for awhile because not all of our expressions are welcomed in the world.

Next time instead of trying to feel better right away and show up in the world hiding how you’re feeling, try listening to really, really sad music. Try it out. I’m curious to know how it is for you.

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